Sunday, February 5, 2012

How to Unbrick a Wii 4.2

The Nintendo Wii's operating system provides the core functions for everything the console can do. The Wii may lock up during use or refuse to perform some functions if the operating has been modified: this is called "bricking," since the Wii is now as useless as a brick. The Wii can be "unbricked" by restoring the 4.2 operating system. You will need to modify a game controller from an earlier Nintendo console, which can be acquired for very little money from a video game supply store or hobby shop that specializes in video games. In addition, a special Wii software disc is also necessary.


Things You'll Need

  •  Triwing screwdriver
  •  Gamecube game controller
  •  Utility knife
  •  Universal Unbrick disc

Place the Gamecube game controller on a table with the buttons facing up. Remove the screws from around the corners of the controller, using the triwing screwdriver. Pull the cover plate off the controller.

Pull the direction pad module on the left side off the controller. Cut into the center of the nipple on the module, using the tip of a utility knife. Return the module to the controller, place the cover plate back on and reattach the screws.

Plug the game cube controller's cable into the #4-labeled USB socket on the Wii you want to unbrick.

Turn on the Wii by pressing the main power button on the console. Let the "FW" text appear and disappear at the bottom right corner of the screen before continuing.

Insert the Universal unbrick disc into the disc slot. Let the disc automatically activate to unbrick the Wii.

Eject the disc by pressing the "Eject" button on the front of the Wii console once the program has stated it is completed. Press the power button to shut down the Wii

Tips & Warnings

Modifying a Wii violates the Nintendo warranty

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